Bloom Stouffville retirement community services

At Bloom Stouffville, we are focused on providing superior services that promote a sense of security and well-being, allowing our residents to live life to the fullest.  Services at Bloom Stouffville will be provided by caring, attentive professionals, whose goal is to promote your comfort and well-being.  

Here are some of the services we will be offering. 

Safe environment


Safety is important when you choose a retirement community. There’s nothing like knowing that qualified staff members are always on hand to help with the smallest of concerns, or to take care of you if something more serious should arise. 

The Bloom Stouffville retirement community meets all certification standards put in place to ensure the safety of seniors.

Food service

Your taste buds will thank you

Preparing healthy and delicious meals for you is our chefs’ passion. In concert with professional nutritionists, our chefs approach each season with inspiration and creativity. 

Our menus are changed regularly and include a wide selection of seasonal dishes. Our dining rooms have table service and are a great place to meet, mingle and make new friends. If you prefer the comfort of your own suite, take one of our chef’s meals to go and enjoy a fabulous meal in the privacy of your own home.

Healthcare and assistance

Because every resident has unique needs

We offer a complete range of healthcare and assistance, from occasional supervision to comprehensive monitoring, provided with warmth and empathy. We aim to provide the best care possible to ensure your comfort and safety.

Attentive medical staff available 24 hours a day
Confidentiality assured
Help with getting around and getting dressed
Respite and short-term stays
Medication management
Follow-up for results of your tests done by our medical team


Nothing makes you feel better than
a clean and tidy home!

Our dedicated housekeeping team makes sure your home is clean and orderly so you can spend your time doing what you want, secure in the knowledge that you’ll come back to a sparkling clean suite. 

You can have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service, whatever best suits your needs.

Laundry service

Pamper yourself

We can handle washing bed linen, towels or even regular clothes — just another chore you can check off your list so you can get back to doing what you really want to do.



At our Multi-Services Centre, you have access to a host of services from carefully selected, certified professionals, so you don’t have to spend time traveling to multiple clinics or offices.

The following is a list of services that may be provided in the comfort of Bloom Stouffville community:

Foot care