Bloom STOUFFVILLE Retirement

Our Bloom Stouffville retirement community is designed to stimulate, inspire, soothe and bring peace to all, fostering a sense of warmth, companionship and true belonging.

We offer a safe and secure environment in a modern and dynamic setting. Enjoy a host of activities and take advantage of the many services that Bloom Stouffville provides, including delicious meals in our restaurants, housecleaning and assistance with everyday needs.

Our caring and attentive staff are on hand to enhance your well-being, leaving you free to be your energetic and sociable self, or just indulge in some quiet time with a favourite hobby. At Bloom, you’ll live your life to the fullest, at your own pace.

Inside the community, residents find a host of amenities and activities intended to entertain and keep the mind and body agile. Bloom’s atmosphere and common spaces are designed to facilitate socializing. Meet like-minded people over a meal in the dining room or a drink in the café, discuss a good book in the courtyard or take a dip in the pool.

Outside, enjoy a glorious sunset as you stroll along one of our landscaped paths. Stouffville has lots to offer, from shopping opportunities, to performing arts events, concerts in the park and so much more.

For our residents requiring more support, Bloom’s staff can provide a higher level of care and assistance for personal needs. Seniors living in our second-floor assisted-living suites will enjoy comfort, dedicated amenities and a large terrace.

Our community is a great fit for your lifestyle!

It’s time to blossom at Bloom Stouffville.


On a regular basis, we organize special musical, cultural and sporting events, along with interesting seminars, and much more. Bloom Stouffville is your home, so feel free to make suggestions about what you’d like to see and do.
We’re here for you. 

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Bloom Stouffville retirement community amenities

Bloom Stouffville boasts a range of amenities for seniors to enjoy, catering to every need. Our aim is to create a warm and welcoming environment, where seniors can socialize, make new friends, invite family and friends or just relax comfortably on their own.

Swimming pool
Café and games
Lounge with fire place

And many more such as:

Large outside courtyard with games and greenery

Gym &
yoga studio


Multipurpose room
with cinema


Bistro with
game room

arts room

dining room

Party room

Services in Bloom
Stouffville SUITES

The Bloom Stouffville retirement community offers flexible services to suit our residents’ every need:

Meal package or à la carte dining

Internet, telephone and TV

Housecleaning services

Healthcare services:

  • Highly qualified health professionals are on hand 24 hours a day
  • Personalized care for seniors, no matter what their level of independence and mobility
  • Our convenient Multi-Services Centre


Our activity directors are constantly searching for new activities that seniors are sure to enjoy.  They keep in mind that we’re all individuals with different tastes and wishes, so that whatever we’re offering now, we’re certain to be offering more to adapt to the needs of each individual resident. Here are a few activities we are planning:

on chair
Arts and
crafts activities

Bloom Stouffville retirement community neighbourhood

Stouffville is rich in culture and entertainment, offering everything from shopping, restaurants, green parks and easy transportation.
There’s lots to discover in Stouffville. 

Steps away from Bloom STOUFFVILLE



Our new suites have been carefully designed to cater to the various needs of seniors.

248 Retirement suites

Seniors' apartments, Independent Living Plus
and Assisted Living

Suite types

Many living options are available to residents

1 bedroom
2 bedrooms